Can Mangoes Boost Your High?

Cannabis enthusiasts are constantly seeking ways to enhance their high experience. One such intriguing and natural method involves surprisingly pairing mangoes with cannabis.

Yes, mangoes can potentially elevate your high, offering a unique and more potent cannabis experience. Let us delve into the science behind how the mango and marijuana combination works.

Mangoes can make you higher

How Does The Mango and Weed Combination Work?

Although the intriguing mix of mangoes and cannabis may seem unconventional, there’s a scientific basis for how this pairing can enhance your overall experience. The key lies in the interaction between the compounds found in mangoes and those in cannabis.

At the heart of this synergy is a terpene called myrcene, much in mangoes and present in specific cannabis strains. Myrcene is responsible for the distinctive aroma and flavor of various cannabis varieties, and it plays a pivotal role in modulating the effects of the plant.

When you consume a ripe mango about an hour before using cannabis, the myrcene from the mango can potentially amplify and prolong the effects of THC, the primary psychoactive compound in cannabis. This interaction occurs as myrcene assists THC in crossing the blood-brain barrier more efficiently, resulting in a potentially more potent and extended high.

Furthermore, myrcene may contribute to a faster onset of the weed high, enabling you to experience the effects more rapidly. This can be particularly beneficial for individuals seeking immediate relief from symptoms or those looking to maximize the recreational aspects of cannabis.

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Benefits of Eating Mango Before Using Cannabis

Eating mango before using cannabis can have several potential benefits, enhancing your overall cannabis experience. Here are some of the key advantages:

Enhanced High

Mangoes contain the terpene myrcene, which can intensify the effects of THC, the primary psychoactive compound in cannabis. This enhancement can result in a more potent and longer-lasting high.

Faster Onset

Myrcene from mangoes may help expedite the onset of the cannabis high, allowing you to feel the effects more quickly. This rapid onset can be especially advantageous for medical cannabis users seeking immediate relief.

Prolonged Duration

Consuming mangoes before using cannabis may extend the duration of your high. This can be valuable for medical and recreational users, offering extended symptom relief or enjoyment.

Natural and Safe

Combining mangoes and marijuana is entirely natural and safe for most individuals. It’s a holistic approach to enhancing your cannabis experience without the need for additional substances.

How To Use a Mango to Boost Your Cannabis High?

Incorporating mangoes into your cannabis routine to boost your high is straightforward. Here’s a guide on how to do it effectively:

  • Choose Ripe Mangoes: Start by selecting ripe mangoes, as they contain higher levels of myrcene, the terpene responsible for enhancing the cannabis high.
  • Prepare the Mango: Wash the mango thoroughly, then peel and slice it into bite-sized pieces. You can also blend it into a delicious mango smoothie for a more enjoyable experience.

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  • Timing is Key: Consume the mango about 45 minutes to an hour before using cannabis. This timing allows for the myrcene from the mango to enter your bloodstream and interact with the cannabinoids in the cannabis effectively.
  • Observe the Difference: Pay close attention to how you feel during your high. Many users report a more pronounced and prolonged high when combining mangoes with cannabis.

Remember that moderation is vital, and it’s essential to consume both mangoes and cannabis responsibly. Enjoy the journey, experiment safely, and savor the potential benefits of mangoes and cannabis together.

Should You Try Mangoes and Weed Together?

mangoes with cannabis and weed

While the mango-THC combination has shown promise for enhancing the cannabis experience, keeping a few things in mind is essential. Individual reactions can vary, so start with a small amount of mango and your usual cannabis dose to gauge how it affects you.

Additionally, if you have allergies to mangoes or are on medications that interact with cannabis, consult a healthcare professional before experimenting with this combination.

Ultimately, trying mangoes and weed together can be an exciting way to explore the possibilities of natural enhancements to your cannabis experience.

To sum it up, the unlikely pairing of mangoes and cannabis holds a captivating secret that has the potential to transform your cannabis experience. Myrcene, the terpene abundant in mangoes, can work harmoniously with cannabis to intensify and extend its effects, delivering a more fulfilling and therapeutic journey.


Are there any side effects of combining mangoes and cannabis?

While many people report positive effects, individual reactions can vary. Some may experience a more intense high than desired, so it’s essential to start with small amounts of mango and cannabis to gauge your response.

Can I achieve the same effect with other fruits high in myrcene?

Mangoes are one of the richest sources of myrcene, but other fruits like lemongrass and hops also contain this terpene. However, mangoes are popular due to their delicious taste and availability.

Can I use mangoes to reduce the intensity of a cannabis high if it becomes too much?

While some users report that mangoes can enhance their high, there’s no scientific evidence to suggest that mangoes can reduce the intensity of a cannabis high once it has started. If you feel overwhelmed by your high, it’s best to stay hydrated, find a comfortable and safe environment, and wait for the effects to subside naturally.

Can I eat mangoes while using edibles to enhance the high?

Yes, you can. Consuming mangoes before or after cannabis edibles can enhance the effects, just as with other consumption methods. The key is to ensure that the mango is consumed within the same timeframe, around 45 minutes to an hour, before using edibles.

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