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In 2018, the cannabis world witnessed the emergence of a strain that would soon become a cultural icon: Runtz. Born in Southern California, Runtz quickly gained fame for its unique combination of euphoric and relaxing effects. This hybrid strain was developed by crossing two renowned varieties, Gelato and Zkittlez, contributing to its distinctive creamy, gassy taste and its explosion of fruity aromas.

The name ‘Runtz’ was inspired by the ’80s-era fruit-shaped candy by Nestle, playing off the unmistakable fruity aroma and the small, colorful buds reminiscent of the candy. The creators of Runtz, Ray Bama and his partner Nick, knew they had struck gold with this strain, which perfectly balanced look, smell, and flavor.

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List of Runtz Strains

Each strain under the Runtz umbrella offers its distinctive flavor profile, effects, and visual appeal, catering to a wide range of preferences.

Classic and Original Runtz Strains

Runtz OG: The original strain that started the Runtz craze, Runtz OG embodies the classic profile of euphoric and relaxing effects that made Runtz famous. This strain sets the standard for the Runtz family, offering a perfect balance of flavor and potency.

White Runtz: Developed by the Cookies family, White Runtz is celebrated for its potent stony effects and high user ratings. It’s renowned for its versatility, catering to both recreational enjoyment and medical benefits with its potent profile.

Black Runtz: Created by Big Boss Farms, this phenotype is known for its earthy notes and soothing properties, offering a darker twist on the classic Runtz. Its distinctive earthy undertones make it a unique member of the Runtz family.

Pink Runtz: Part of the official Cookies lineup, Pink Runtz adds a unique twist to the Runtz flavor, making it a distinctive variant in the family. This strain stands out with its vibrant appearance and slightly sweeter profile.

Fruit-Flavored Runtz Variants

Tropical Runtz: Bred for a heavy fruit flavor and heady buzz, this strain by Exotic Genetix is a favorite for those who enjoy a tropical twist. Its intense fruity flavors are ideal for users seeking a vibrant and flavorful experience.

Forbidden Runtz: A delightful cross between Forbidden Fruit and Runtz, this strain is perfect for a relaxing day with fruity smoothie-like flavors. It combines the best of both worlds, offering a relaxing experience with a deliciously fruity twist.

Watermelon Runtz: As the name suggests, this strain offers a refreshing watermelon flavor profile, a unique take on the classic Runtz taste. Its watermelon essence makes it a refreshing choice for warm days or a sweet treat.

Banana Runtz: Infusing a banana flavor into Runtz, this strain is a hit among those who prefer a tropical flavor. The banana notes add a unique and exotic taste, making it a sought-after variant in the Runtz lineage.

Hawaiian Runtz: Bringing the flavors of Hawaii, this strain is celebrated for its fruity and exotic taste. Its vibrant and tropical notes transport users to island beaches, making it a popular choice for a sunny day escape.

Unique and Novel Runtz Strains

Greasy Runtz: Known for its stickiness, this strain is a product of Exotic Genetix, combining Runtz with Grease Monkey genetics. Its unique texture and deep, complex flavors make it a standout in the cannabis community.

Space Runtz: Offering a cosmic twist, Space Runtz is a unique blend of flavors and effects, expanding the Runtz family into new territories. This strain takes users on a celestial journey with its otherworldly effects and flavors.

Runtz Cake: Combining the sweetness of Runtz with a cake-like flavor, this strain is a favorite for dessert-flavored cannabis enthusiasts. Its dessert-like qualities make it an ideal choice for those with a sweet tooth.

Blue Runtz: Offering a hint of blueberry, Blue Runtz showcases the versatility of Runtz genetics. The subtle blueberry notes add a fresh twist, elevating the classic Runtz experience.

Gruntz: A playful take on the original Runtz name, Gruntz brings its characteristics and experiences to the family. This variant offers a unique spin on the traditional Runtz, making it a fun and interesting choice.

Runtz Muffin: Blending Runtz flavor with a muffin-like sweetness, this variant is another dessert-inspired addition to the Runtz line. Its muffin-like flavor profile is perfect for those looking for a comforting and sweet strain.

Terdz: With a quirky name, Terdz offers a unique flavor profile and an intriguing experience for Runtz aficionados. This strain stands out with its unconventional name and equally distinctive flavor profile.

Mysterious and Mythical Runtz Strains

Obama Runtz: This strain gained attention with a viral video in 2020, and its existence and characteristics remain somewhat mythical and intriguing. Its elusive nature adds to the intrigue and mystique surrounding the Runtz family.

Coochie Runtz: Originating from the Cookies brand, this provocatively named phenotype has been gaining popularity for its unique qualities. Its bold name and distinct characteristics make it a conversation starter and a must-try for enthusiasts.

Azul Runtz: Shrouded in mystery and believed to be a cross between OG Runtz and Blueberry Muffin, Azul Runtz adds an aura of intrigue to the Runtz family. Its mysterious origins and speculated lineage have captivated the curiosity of many.

Each of these Runtz strains offers a unique experience, from the classic and original variants to the fruit-flavored and novel ones, and even the mysterious and mythical types. This diversity reflects the versatility and broad appeal of the Runtz family, making it a celebrated choice among cannabis enthusiasts worldwide.


The Runtz Experience: Effects and Flavors

Runtz stands out for its balanced hybrid effects, ranging from euphoria and relaxation to cerebral stimulation. The THC content varies significantly across different phenotypes, but it generally ranges from 19% to 29%. Users often describe the high as starting in the head, bringing a sense of creativity and calmness, and then spreading a warm sensation throughout the body.

The flavor profile of Runtz is as diverse as its effects. The terpene profile includes linalool, limonene, and caryophyllene, contributing to its distinct mango, lime, and berry aromas. The smoke is creamy and smooth, with a sweet and rich earthy aftertaste, highlighted by tropical fruitiness.

Therapeutic Benefits and Popularity

Runtz’s popularity is not just limited to its recreational use. Many users report therapeutic benefits, including relief from stress, anxiety, and symptoms of depression. Indica-dominant variants are particularly noted for their ability to promote sleep and alleviate insomnia. The strain is often sought after for its ability to provide a happy and warm high, making it a great companion for those seeking relief from various ailments.

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Marketing Mastery: Runtz in Rap and Celebrity Culture

The ascent of Runtz in the cannabis market can be largely attributed to its strategic marketing through rap music and celebrity endorsements. Ties with the Cookies family, a prominent cannabis and lifestyle brand, played a pivotal role. Rapper Yung LB, almost synonymous with Runtz, and rapper Nero, credited for the White Runtz phenotype, helped popularize the strain through their lyrics and social influence. The strain featured in over 100 rap songs, solidifying its status in pop culture and making it one of the most searched strains of all time​.

The Everlasting Appeal of Runtz

From its inception to its current status as a cannabis icon, Runtz has captivated users worldwide with its unique combination of effects, flavors, and aromas. Its rise to fame, bolstered by strategic marketing and celebrity endorsements, demonstrates the power of branding in the cannabis industry. The Runtz strain continues to evolve, with new phenotypes emerging, each contributing to its rich tapestry of experiences. As a testament to innovation and marketing savvy in the cannabis world, Runtz stands as a premium, highly sought-after strain, symbolizing the blend of culture, quality, and experience that modern cannabis consumers seek.


Is Runtz suitable for beginner cannabis users?

Yes, Runtz can be suitable for beginners, especially in lower THC variants. Its balanced effects offer a pleasant introduction to cannabis. However, beginners should start with small doses due to the potential high THC content in some phenotypes.

Can Runtz be used for medical purposes?

Runtz is often used for its potential therapeutic benefits. Users report relief from conditions like stress, anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. Its Indica-dominant versions are particularly known for aiding sleep and might help with insomnia.

How does Runtz compare to other popular strains in terms of potency?

Runtz is comparable in potency to popular strains like Girl Scout Cookies and Blue Dream. Its THC levels can vary widely, but it generally falls within the range of strong, modern hybrid strains.

What makes Runtz stand out in terms of flavor and aroma?

Runtz is distinct for its sweet, candy-like aroma and flavor, reminiscent of tropical fruits, berries, and a hint of earthiness. This unique profile is derived from its parent strains, Gelato and Zkittlez, making it stand out in the cannabis market.

Is Runtz available in edibles or concentrates?

Yes, Runtz is available in various forms, including edibles and concentrates. These forms offer alternative consumption methods for those who prefer not to smoke. Edibles and concentrates made from Runtz retain their unique flavor profile and effects.

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