What Can I Do With Cannabis Stems?

Marijuana stems are often regarded as mere byproducts, commonly overlooked and discarded. Let us explore many innovative and sustainable ways to repurpose cannabis, from culinary creations like cannabutter and infused teas to therapeutic topicals and eco-friendly crafts.

By embracing these methods, not only do we elevate our cannabis experience, but we also step towards a more environmentally conscious and resourceful utilization of the entire cannabis plant. Let’s delve into the transformative journey of turning weed stems from waste to wonder.

Decarboxylation in oven

1. Decarboxylation: Unleashing THC

Overview: Decarboxylation is essential for activating THC, the psychoactive compound in cannabis.

Method: Spread stems on a baking sheet and heat in an oven at 110°C for 60 minutes. This process converts the non-psychoactive THCA in stems into psychoactive THC, making them suitable for various applications.

More about decarboxylation in our article: What is weed decarboxylation?


2. Crafting Cannabutter and Edibles

Purpose: Transforming stems into cannabutter or infused oils allows them to be incorporated into edibles.

Process: After decarboxylation, simmer the stems in butter or oil, then strain. This extracts THC and imparts a subtle cannabis flavor to the butter or oil, ideal for cooking or baking.

Weed alcohol

3. Alcohol Infusion for Potent Potables

Concept: Stems can infuse alcohol with THC, creating potent beverages.

Procedure: Submerge stems in high-proof alcohol, like Everclear, in a mason jar. Allow to sit for a week or more, shaking occasionally. The THC is extracted into the alcohol, making a strong infused drink.

weed tea coffe

4. Brewing Cannabis Beverages: Tea and Coffee

Idea: Creating cannabis-infused tea or coffee offers a unique way to consume THC.

Steps: Boil decarboxylated stems in water with milk (which helps THC bind due to its fat content), then strain. Use this water to brew tea or coffee for a cannabis-infused beverage.

weed juise smoothie

5. Nutritional Smoothies and Juicing

Advantage: Cannabis stems can enhance the nutritional value of smoothies and juices.

Tips: Blend stems with fruits, vegetables, or other healthful ingredients. While juicing raw stems won’t provide psychoactive effects, they’re rich in antioxidants and other beneficial compounds.

hash rosin concentrate

6. Producing Bubble Hash

Explanation: Bubble hash is a potent cannabis extract made from stems.

Methodology: Freeze stems, then blend with ice and water. Strain through a filter bag, freeze the liquid and grind the frozen residue into a fine powder.

Cultivating weed

7. Eco-Friendly Composting with Cannabis Stems

Benefit: Composting stems is a sustainable way to recycle organic material.

Guidance: Add stems to your compost heap to enrich the soil, benefit your garden, and reduce waste.

weed arts

8. Creative Arts and Crafts with Stems

Creativity: Stems can be used in various artistic projects.

Suggestions: Paint, sculpt, or create dioramas using stems. They can be incorporated into paintings or used to make nature-oriented crafts, adding a unique element to your creations.

HHC oil

9. Traditional Charas Creation

Technique: A traditional method of collecting resin for hash.

Outcome: Rubbing stems between hands gathers resin. Work through a significant number of stems to gather a small but potent amount of hash.


10. Collecting Kief from Stems

Process: Break down stems, freeze, and shake in a bag to detach frozen resin crystals.

Result: Over time, a substantial amount of kief, a potent and versatile cannabis product, accumulates.

weed topical

11. Crafting Cannabis Topicals

Use: Cannabis-infused lotions and balms offer therapeutic benefits.

Procedure: Like making cannabutter, infuse stems into a mixture suitable for topical application. These can aid in skin care and muscle relief.

weed paper stems

12. Homemade Paper from Cannabis Stems

Concept: Cannabis stems can be used to make coarse, eco-friendly paper.

Method: Blend stems with water and regular paper to create a pulp, spread evenly on a vat, and allow to dry, creating a unique type of paper.

stems smoking funny

13. Smoking Stems: A Cautionary Note

Caution: Not recommended due to harsh smoke and low THC content.

Note: Some users choose to smoke ground stems, but it’s not advisable due to the harsh experience and presence of unwanted compounds.

Weed stems offer a range of uses that stretch beyond simple disposal. From culinary delights to therapeutic topicals and sustainable crafts to environmental benefits, these versatile plant parts can significantly enhance the cannabis experience while promoting sustainability and creativity.


Can marijuana stems be used to alleviate certain health conditions?

Yes, cannabis stems can be used to make topicals, which some users find helpful for skin conditions, muscle soreness, and joint pain due to their anti-inflammatory properties.

Are there any dietary benefits to incorporating cannabis stems into food or drinks?

While cannabis stems aren’t rich in THC, they do contain cannabinoids and other compounds that may offer antioxidant and nutritional benefits, especially when added to smoothies or teas.

How do I ensure the safety of homemade marijuana-infused alcohol?

Always use food-grade alcohol for infusion and ensure proper filtration to remove all stem remnants. Never use rubbing alcohol or any non-consumable alcohol.

Is there a risk of THC overdose consuming edibles made from weed stems?

The risk is minimal as stems contain lower THC levels. However, always consume homemade edibles cautiously, especially if you’re unsure about the potency.

Can I use any cannabis stem for these projects?

Due to their reduced moisture content, older, drier stems might be more effective for specific uses, like making paper or crafts.

Are there environmental benefits to using weed stems?

Absolutely. Repurposing cannabis stems reduces waste and contributes to a more sustainable use of the cannabis plant.

How can I determine the potency of my homemade cannabis-infused products?

It’s challenging to measure potency at home precisely. Start with small amounts and wait to see the effects before consuming more. Consider consulting with a professional or using a home testing kit for a more accurate assessment.

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