Overcoming Slow Growth in Cannabis: Action Steps

In cannabis cultivation, few things are as frustrating as expecting your plants to thrive only to find them growing at a snail’s pace. Understanding the reasons behind this slow growth is the first step in addressing the issue and ensuring your plants reach their full potential.

Let’s explore the common causes of slow cannabis growth and provide actionable advice to turn your cultivation around.

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1. Seed Quality and Genetics

The foundation of a healthy cannabis plant lies in the quality of its seed. High-quality, fresh seeds are more likely to germinate quickly and grow vigorously. Conversely, plants grown from old or low-quality seeds may struggle initially.

Action Step: Always source your seeds from reputable seed banks to ensure genetic quality and vitality.

2. Root Health

Healthy roots equal a healthy plant. Overwatering can lead to oxygen-deprived roots, slowing growth, while underwatering can cause roots to dry out, hindering their ability to support the plant. A well-draining, airy medium is crucial.

Action Step: Improve soil drainage with perlite and monitor watering to maintain a balance between moist and dry.

3. Lighting Conditions

Cannabis plants thrive under optimal lighting. Both insufficient and excessive light can harm plant growth. Seedlings stretching toward light sources may indicate a need for more light, while leaf burn could signal too much exposure.

Action Step: Adjust light intensity and distance to meet the plant’s growth stage needs.

4. Environmental Factors

Temperature and humidity play significant roles in cannabis growth. Conditions too far outside the optimal ranges can slow growth significantly.

Action Step: Maintain a grow space temperature of 20-30°C and adjust humidity levels according to the plant’s growth stage (60% for seedlings, 50% vegetative, 40% flowering).

5. Nutrient Management

Cannabis plants require a delicate balance of nutrients to grow. Both deficiencies and excesses can lead to slow growth.

Action Step: Ensure the correct pH and EC in your feeding solution and adjust nutrient levels based on the plant’s weed growth stage and overall health.

6. Watering

Both over and underwatering can lead to stunted growth.

Action Step: Implement a wet-dry cycle, allowing the soil to dry out between waterings. Use pots that provide enough room for root growth without staying wet for too long.

7. Physical and Training Stress

High-stress training techniques can slow growth if not done carefully.

Action Step: Ensure plants are healthy before training and provide optimal conditions for recovery if using high-stress techniques.

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Cultivating cannabis is both an art and a science. Understanding the nuances of your plants’ needs and adjusting your care techniques accordingly can transform slow-growing plants into thriving, healthy cannabis ready for harvest. Remember, patience and attentiveness are key. With the right knowledge and approach, you can overcome slow growth and enjoy the fruits of your labor.


Can LED lights affect the growth speed of my cannabis plants?

Yes, LED lights can significantly impact the growth speed of cannabis plants. LEDs specifically designed for growing plants can provide a full spectrum of light, mimicking natural sunlight and promoting healthy growth.

Ensure your LED lights cover the full spectrum and adjust them based on your plant’s growth stage for optimal results.

How does CO2 enrichment influence cannabis growth?

Increasing CO2 levels in your grow space can enhance photosynthesis, leading to faster growth and potentially higher yields. However, it’s essential to use CO2 enrichment carefully, as too high levels can harm your plants.

Aim for a CO2 concentration of about 700-1500 ppm during the daylight cycle for the best growth enhancement.

Does the type of water I use matter for cannabis growth?

The quality of water used can affect cannabis growth. Tap water often contains chlorine and other chemicals that can harm plants.

Using filtered or rainwater can prevent these issues. Additionally, maintaining the right pH level (usually between 6.0 and 7.0 for soil growth) in your water is crucial for nutrient uptake.

Can music influence cannabis plant growth?

While the idea may sound unconventional, some studies suggest that playing music for plants can stimulate growth due to the vibrations generated by sound waves.

This is more about the frequencies and vibrations than the music itself. Although not a substitute for good growing practices, it can be a fun experiment.

Is it beneficial to talk to my cannabis plants?

Talking to your plants can be beneficial due to the CO2 exhaled while speaking. More CO2 can stimulate plant growth.

While the direct impact might be minimal, it’s a harmless practice that can improve the grower-plant connection and ensure regular check-ins on plant health.

How important is it to prune cannabis plants, and how does it affect growth?

Pruning, or trimming, is crucial for removing unnecessary leaves that block light or consume resources without benefitting the plant’s growth.

Strategic pruning helps direct the plant’s energy to top growth and can improve air circulation, reducing the risk of mold and pests.

Can companion planting benefit my cannabis garden?

Companion planting can offer several benefits, including pest control, improved soil health, and enhanced growth.

Plants like basil and marigolds can deter pests, while clover can fix nitrogen in the soil, making it available for cannabis plants. This symbiotic relationship can lead to a healthier growing space and potentially faster-growing cannabis.

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