Cannabis Vegetative Stage Guide

The Vegetative Stage – Weed Vegetative Stage

This stage can also be called ‘veg.’ The vegetative stage starts when seeds sprout to the surface before the flowering stage begins. There is noticeable development during the vegetative stage of plants. At the vegetative stage, there is a development like fan leaves, robust stems, and the ability to absorb light needed for photosynthesis.

Though varieties of marijuana strains have distinctive display features, some grow thicker stems during this stage while some grow thinner branches. Some marijuana strains are usually shorter compared to other strains that are over 20 inches in height.

It will surprise you that some strain like Sativa grows up to 150 inches in height. This is why marijuana during the vegetative stage varies in shape, leaves size, genetics, and other features.

A perfect example of the variation in the vegetative stage of the plant is the growth of Indica and Sativa. Indica thrives in a hostile environment, especially during the vegetative stage. You can find them everywhere in the desert and on the mountain of Hindu Kush.

Indica develops a wide finger during its vegetative stage; this full finger helps Indica marijuana to protect its buds from scorching sun and water retention. This is the main reason they thrive in harsh conditions during the vegetative stage.

Marijuana Sativa strain prospers in a humid and tropical ecosystem. They possess leaves that are narrow fingers that help through their respiration in a tropical environment.

The vegetative stage is the breeding time for marijuana plant buds to develop, buds are usually produced when a plant has already grown strong, tall, agile, and healthy. Now, let’s talk about the environmental influences in the vegetative stage of marijuana.

vegetative stage in cannabis plants

The Vegetative Stage of Marijuana Planted Outdoors

It is essential to select the appropriate strain while planting outdoors because not all the plants in their vegetative stage survive the outdoor condition while growing. Get a Koppen climate tool so that you can easily classify indoor or outdoor marijuana while growing. You must prepare for pest and temperature control if you want to go for outdoor strains.

Most outdoor growers prefer marijuana strains that reproduce a lot of trichomes. Trichomes are known to be helpful in marijuana plants in regulating temperature. In the vegetative stage of Sativa, it usually develops like an average tree. The grower might not need to support the plant because the branches/stems pile on one another, which affects the plant in the long run.

The right thing to do whenever your plants at the vegetative stage stack on each other is the use the topping trick, which creates more bushy branches or ties the branches involved.

Indoor Plants

Most growers prefer the indoor method because it is easier to manage. Still, space has always been a problem in this method. Indica strain does not grow tall, so it is preferable for indoor plantations.

It is difficult and demanding to grow Sativa strain marijuana indoors because it grows three times the size of indica during the vegetative stage. Most growers use SOG and SCROG methods to direct or trim the marijuana plant to grow a certain way. But this method is not for beginners.

Vegetative Stage Duration and Light

The seed germination of marijuana takes within five to ten days, while the light duration for this to take place is approximately eighteen hours. Seeds are always the first stage in the marijuana plant cycle, as you water it and wait for it patiently, you see it germinate. In terms of color, though, this depends on the strain, but most strains have darkish brown color when developing while a dead/unproductive seed usually turns white or green.

The seedling period takes within fourteen to twenty-one days to be entirely placed in a growing medium; their taproot often grows downward while seedlings’ steps grow skyward. Marijuana plants cannot be called seedlings until they have full finger-like leaves, be mindful not to overwater seedlings at this stage because you might quickly kill the plant in this way.

The vegetative period lasts three to eighteen weeks, depending on your strain. You must have already transferred your plant to a bigger pot during this stage. If you are cultivating Indica strain, you need to trim your plants at this stage while you will allow Sativas to grow foliage and tall.

Remember that the amount of watering marijuana needs increases during the vegetative stage. It would be helpful if you started watering the plant from the stalk. Watering from the stem strengthened the root while it retained water more efficiently.

Vegetation Stage (Vegging) Tips for Cannabis

Marijuana enjoys tremendous growth, especially at the vegetative stage, while growing. Below are the primary components that help marijuana to thrive at the vegetative stage.

1) Give enough water; If you’re operating a hygroscopic method, there is always enough water in the setup. Those that use pot should perforate hole at the bottom so water could be quickly drained out. The best time to water your soil is when the soil is dry and dull.

 2) Add Nutrients; Incorporate nutrients into the water before adding them directly to the plant. Then add it gradually so it does not suffocate your plant and prevent it from breathing. Also, be mindful of the soil PH as you add the nutrients.

3) Electricity/Light provision; Light is essential in any grow room. There is a lot of grow light (LED, HID, Fluorescent light), which serves a different function. Outdoor plants don’t need to produce light to survive, but marijuana in grow rooms cannot survive without the use of light. Please note that you must create a certain distance between your plant and the grow light, depending on the type of light you are using to avoid burning.

4) Vegetative stage temperature: Marijuana in the. The vegetative stage prefers not too hot or either not the cold temperature; it thrives in moderate heat. Ensure you have a temperature within 70-85°F or (20-30°C). It is essential not to allow the temperature to go below 15 degrees Celsius at the vegetative stage.

5) Air circulation; This is as essential as water; you can’t get a high yield of marijuana if you don’t have a properly ventilated grow room. As much as ventilating fans are essential in a grow room, you should also have an extractor fan to take away hot or stale air. Those who plant their marijuana outdoors might not need fans, but having a windbreaker could be helpful.

In conclusion, plants will thrive at the vegetative stage if you follow all that has been said in this post. This stage is critical as it ushers the flowering period and eventually leads to a good yield of marijuana plants.

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