Cloning Marijuana – How To Guide

Most beginners are unfamiliar with marijuana plant cloning. A few experienced growers prefer cloning a marijuana plant rather than planting from the seed level because some benefits are exclusive to cloning alone, plus, marijuana cloning is stress-free.

Rockwool cubes for marijuana cloning

Why Clone Marijuana Plants?

There are two ways to clone marijuana plants; the first is called cloning through sexual reproduction, while the second type is cloning through genetic hybrids. Cloning through sexual reproduction involves creating marijuana seeds by bringing a male and a female marijuana plant together in a process called pollination. The second method of cloning is genetic hybrids that include cultivating parent marijuana seed(s), which can also be known as asexual reproduction.

Cloning has helped many growers save money and reproduce the exact type of their best-performing plant; once you’ve done proper cloning, you are assured of getting plants with the same genetic traits as the parent plant.

Cloning has helped many growers to save money and reproduce the exact type of their best performing plant; once you’ve done proper cloning, then you are assured of getting plants with the same genetic traits as the parent plant.

If you are in a friend’s grow room and you want a bud in his/her grow room, you can request for it and replicate the exact marijuana in your grow room. Growers also clone to replicate marijuana’s high yield, potency, flavor, fast-growing time, cannabinoid, and more.

The fascinating thing about marijuana cloning is it saves precious time and resources because it delivers new seeds at little or no cost. Besides, depending on your path, you might not need to produce the required seeds while cloning. Things that are certain during cloning have the same genetic traits as phenotype, which guarantees self-sufficiency to your marijuana growing room.

How to Clone Marijuana in Your Grow Room

Here are things to be done to clone marijuana plants.

  1. You will need a razor for dissecting roots and branches of marijuana plants; scissors or other simple tools are not recommended for this.
  2. Water is certainly needed; it is non-negotiable.
  3. Rooting Hormone is required.

Based on experience, before choosing a plant to use for cloning, you should be assured the plant is healthy and robust. A marijuana plant that is eight weeks into its vegetative stage should be used for cloning if you want to get the best result.

Cloning Weed Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Guarantee the environment you are cloning marijuana is tidy and well-kept.
  2. Use branches that are healthy and robust. Cut branches between 8 to 10 inches but ensure it has a lot of nodes.
  3. Dissect 45 degrees from a close angle within the plant. Cutting from a tight angle will add root space to clone marijuana, and it gives rapid growth.
  4. Place your dissected marijuana plant immediately into water. The air bubble kills clone plants; not placing the freshly cloned plant in water will stop the free flow of water within the stem of the plant causing it to die eventually. Though some growers believe you don’t need to place newly cloned marijuana in water directly if you add another cut to the stem.

After you are done with cuttings, start adding leaves for photosynthesis to begin, and you should create a clean rooting system for proper growth to take place.

Double-check the cloned marijuana and the attached leaves to ensure none of the leaves are touching each other; if any portion of cloned parts touches each other, the growth of the breed will be stunted, especially at the initial stage.

Growers have different Marijuana plant hormones that they use to place their cloned plants, some of the hormones are powder hormone, rooting gels, and few other hormones depending on your location. Remove cloned marijuana plant from the growth hormone then keep it in a rooting medium.

How to Choose the Right Rooting Medium

Growers believe there are three primary rooting mediums; they are 1). Use Rockwool cubes or a related non-soil medium 2). Transfer cloned plant to the soil 3) Water Medium.

1. Use Rockwool cubes or a related non-soil medium: This is sold in different marijuana marts or stores both offline and online. Rockwool cubes are different because they retain moisture from the cloned plant and offer excellent free flow of air.

2. Transfer cloned plant to the soil: If you’re planning to clone and plant it in soil, you don’t need to add too much soil to the cloned plant because it can obstruct breathing when it is overwatered or underwatered.

3. Water Medium: This medium does not need the addition of rooting hormones. All that is required is for you to place the cloned plant in water (distilled water, preferably). The roots and other parts of the cloned plant will start growing.

All the above methods have their distinct pros and cons, choose the one that is best work for you based on your environment. Please note, allow cloned plants to stay at least eighteen hours of access to light and humidity.

Though a grow room machinery called, an auto-cloner automatically supplies oxygen, water, and light. The only downside of this machinery is it is costly.

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