What is a Thai Stick?

Thai stick

Thai sticks, originating from Thailand, are a traditional method of consuming cannabis dating back to the 1960s and 1970s. They consist of cured cannabis flowers skewered onto a thin bamboo stick, wrapped tightly in cannabis leaves, and bound with hemp wick or string. The final product is often cured for an extended period to intensify flavors and potency.

What is a thai stick?

A Thai stick is a carefully crafted cannabis product, offers a unique and potent smoking experience. Combining high-quality cannabis buds, leaves, and a bamboo skewer, Thai sticks create a slow-burning and aromatic smoke. Popular among American soldiers during the Vietnam War, Thai sticks gained notoriety in the 1970s and are still sought after by cannabis connoisseurs.

What is the difference between a thai stick and a cannabis cigar?

Thai sticks and cannabis cigars both use cannabis flowers wrapped in leaves, but there are key differences. Thai sticks include a bamboo stick for structural support, while cannabis cigars, or “cannagars,” do not. Thai sticks are made with landrace strains native to Thailand and undergo extensive curing, sometimes for several months.

Cannabis cigars, however, can be made with various strains and may not have the same lengthy curing process. Each offers a distinct smoking experience, with Thai sticks being notable for their historical significance and extensive curing process, while cannabis cigars provide a more contemporary and customizable option.

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