What are Diamonds?

Diamonds Explained

In cannabis concentrates, “diamonds” denote crystalline formations that are rich in cannabinoids like THC or CBD. They earn the moniker “diamonds” due to their sparkling, crystallized appearance, reminiscent of real diamonds. Furthermore, these formations boast THC or CBD levels that can reach up to 99%, making them incredibly potent and sought after.

How Diamonds Are Formed

In addition to diamonds, solvent-based extraction processes also produce a byproduct known as “sauce” or liquid. THC diamonds, for instance, are accompanied by “sauce,” which results from the separation of cannabinoids from the solvent they were dissolved in.

Over time, the cannabinoids within the sauce gravitate back towards their crystalline, solid state, forming a mass of crystals that appear as grains embedded in a translucent, sappy sauce. This process is a physical manifestation of reduction without dilution, ensuring that all the valuable compounds remain intact and concentrated.

The Beauty of High Potency

Diamonds are prized for their exceptional potency, housing concentrated levels of cannabinoids that result in a more immediate and powerful experience. This high level of potency makes diamonds a favorite among seasoned cannabis aficionados in search of an intense euphoric effect.

Diamond Mining: Extraction Techniques

The process of creating diamonds involves meticulously manipulating temperature and pressure to encourage crystallization. This crystallization is typically facilitated through hydrocarbon extraction, a method that extracts cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant material. Extraction can also be achieved using solventless methods, offering a pure and potent product.

Terpene Sauce: The Perfect Companion

Diamonds are often paired with terpene sauce to create a flavorful and well-rounded cannabis concentrate. Terpene sauce, or HTFSE (High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract), adds aromatic and flavorful profiles to the already potent diamonds, delivering an enhanced user experience and full-spectrum effect.

Enjoying Diamonds: Dabbing and Beyond

Diamonds lend themselves to a range of consumption methods. Most popularly dabbed, they are vaporized by heating a small amount of diamond concentrate in a dab rig or vaporizer. However, they can also be used in joints, blunts, or even infused into edibles, offering tremendous versatility in how they can be enjoyed.

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