What is a QP?

Quarters Pound of Cannabis

QP is short for Quarters Pound and is common in the cannabis industry. It refers to a quantity of cannabis that weighs approximately 4 ounces or 113 grams, so why is QP so significant in the growing world of cannabis?

Size and Value

With our QP, you are getting into a substantial quantity of cannabis, often bought by frequent consumers of cannabis or those who consume cannabis in larger quantities. Certainly not a small amount and often seen as a good middle ground between small and large bulk buys. It’s a good balance between size and value, making it a sensible choice for both medicinal and recreational consumers.

How is a Quarter Pound of Cannabis Used?

A QP can be used in a number of ways, depending on individual preferences and consumption habits. While some users prefer to portion out the cannabis into smaller increments to be used personally over a period of time, others may wish to use the QP within a community of cannabis users, whether that means with friends, family, or a wider social group. In the latter case, this makes it a convenient solution for social gatherings, community usage and group activities where cannabis is shared.

Pricing and Savings

Purchasing a QP can often be a more economical choice than buying in smaller quantities, especially in places where the price per gram decreases with the quantity purchased. As a result, QPs can be an ideal choice for anyone looking to save money in the long run, as well as for individuals who require larger amounts for either personal usage or for distribution.

Quality and Trust

As with any purchase of cannabis or cannabis products, it is essential to ensure that you can trust the product in which you are looking to invest. Always seek reputable sources that prioritize product integrity, are transparent surrounding the results of lab testing, and adhere to all legal and safety standards. Doing so helps guarantee that you receive a quality product that you can trust to meet your needs and expectations.

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