What is a Tree Perc?

Understanding Tree Perc

Tree perc is a percolator commonly found in water pipes and bongs. It features multiple arms resembling the branches of a tree, which contain slits or holes for diffusion. This innovative design helps to cool and filter smoke, resulting in a smoother and more enjoyable smoking experience.

How Does a Tree Perc Work?

When smoke passes through the tree perc, it is forced to interact with the multiple arms, causing it to break into smaller bubbles. These bubbles increase the surface area of the smoke, allowing for more efficient filtration and cooling. As a result, the smoke becomes less harsh, reducing throat irritation and delivering a smoother hit.

Advantages of Using a Tree Perc

The tree perc offers several advantages for smokers. Firstly, its intricate design enhances filtration, effectively removing impurities and particulates from the smoke. This results in cleaner, purer hits. Secondly, the increased diffusion provided by the multiple arms of the tree perc helps to cool down the smoke, resulting in a more pleasant and less harsh smoking experience.

Cleaning and Maintenance

To maintain the optimal performance of tree perc, regular cleaning is essential. The multiple arms and slits can accumulate residue and build up over time, potentially impacting the perc’s functionality. Cleaning with appropriate solutions and tools will ensure that your tree perc continues to deliver smooth hits and preserve its efficiency.

Tree Perc in Different Smoking Devices

Tree percs are versatile and can be found in various smoking devices, including water pipes, bongs, and dab rigs. Their design can vary, with different configurations of arms and percolation styles. Whether you prefer a small, portable piece or a larger, more intricate setup, you can find a smoking device with a tree perc to suit your needs.

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