What is Dugout?


A dugout, also known as a one-hitter or bat, is a small, discreet smoking device designed for on-the-go cannabis consumption. This compact, pocket-sized tool is perfect for those looking to enjoy a quick, easy, and efficient smoking experience while maintaining discretion and portability.

What is a dugout means?

A dugout is a small container that houses two compartments: one for storing ground cannabis and the other for holding a one-hitter pipe. The one-hitter, often made of metal or glass, is designed to resemble a cigarette and can be easily packed with a small amount of ground cannabis. The dugout container is typically made of wood, metal, or plastic, and comes with a sliding or swiveling lid for secure storage and easy access to its contents.

Using a dugout

To use a dugout, follow these simple steps:

  • Grind your cannabis: Before loading your one-hitter, make sure your cannabis is finely ground to ensure even burning and optimal flavor.
  • Load the one-hitter: To load the one-hitter, press the end of the pipe into the ground cannabis compartment of the dugout, twisting it slightly to pack the cannabis tightly.
  • Light and inhale: Hold the one-hitter pipe to your lips, ignite the cannabis at the end of the pipe with a lighter, and inhale gently.
  • Extinguish and clear: After taking a hit, gently tap the one-hitter against a hard surface to remove any ash or residue, ensuring it is clean for your next use.

A dugout is a popular choice among cannabis enthusiasts for its discreet and portable design, allowing for quick and efficient consumption in a variety of settings.

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