What is Resin Hit?

Resin hit

A resin hit refers to the act of smoking the sticky, tar-like substance that builds up in smoking devices after frequent usage. This resin, also known as pipe resin or weed resin, is the result of the combustion of marijuana and contains a concentrated amount of cannabinoids and terpenes, which gives it its psychoactive properties.

Resin hits are a common practice among cannabis users, especially in situations where there’s a shortage of weed. However, the taste and smell of resin are often unpleasant due to the presence of toxins and carcinogens formed during the combustion process.

How to make a resin Hit

Performing a resin hit involves a relatively simple process. Start by scraping the resin off your pipe, bong, or any other smoking device. This can be done using a paperclip, knife, or any other sharp object. Be careful not to damage your device during the scraping process.

Once you’ve collected a sufficient amount of resin, it can be formed into a small ball or pellet. This can then be placed back into the bowl of your device and lit up just like a regular bowl of cannabis. Ensure you light it gently to avoid burning it up all at once.

Pros and cons of resin hit


Conservation: When you’re out of weed, resin hits can help you utilize every bit of cannabis you’ve consumed. It’s a way to get high when you’re in a pinch and can’t acquire more bud.

Potency: Resin is a concentrated form of cannabis, packed with cannabinoids and terpenes. This can lead to a stronger, although typically shorter, high.


Health Risks: Resin hits are often considered less healthy than smoking regular cannabis. The combustion process leads to the production of toxins and carcinogens that can be harmful when inhaled.

Unpleasant Taste and Smell: Unlike fresh cannabis, resin has a harsh, bitter taste and an unpleasant smell, making it a less enjoyable smoking experience.

Lesser High: Despite its potency, the high from resin hits is usually of a lesser quality and duration than that of fresh cannabis. The experience can also be quite unpredictable due to varying concentrations of cannabinoids in the resin.

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