What is Roach?

Roach explained

A “roach” is the end piece of a joint or blunt left after smoking. It’s typically small, harder than the rest of the joint due to heat, and can be potent because of the concentrated cannabis and resin.

What is a roach?

A roach is essentially the leftover end of a marijuana joint or blunt after most cannabis has been smoked. It’s small, sometimes challenging to hold without risking finger burns, and despite its small size, it may still contain a significant amount of resin-soaked cannabis. This is due to the resin, a byproduct of the smoking process, collecting near the filter or crutch of the joint.

Is it a good idea to keep and reuse roaches?

Whether or not to save roaches comes down to personal preference and circumstance. For some, saving roaches can be seen as ensuring there’s always some cannabis available, even if it’s just the remnants. These remnants, which have accumulated cannabis and resin, can be quite potent and used to roll what’s known as a “second-generation joint” or “roach joint.”

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