What is Terp Pearls?

Terp pearls

Terp or dab pearls are small heat-resistant spheres made of materials like quartz, glass, or ruby. They are popular accessories among dabbing enthusiasts for optimizing cannabis concentrate consumption, such as shatter or wax. The pearls function by evenly distributing heat in a dab rig’s banger, ensuring consistent vaporization and a smoother dabbing experience.

Using terp pearls

Using terp pearls is simple. Place one or more pearls inside the banger or nail of your dab rig. Heat the banger, allowing the pearls to heat along with it. Once heated, apply your concentrate onto the banger surface with a dabber, keeping the pearls inside. The pearls will spin as you inhale, spreading the concentrate evenly for efficient vaporization.

Advantages of terp pearls

Terp pearls offer several advantages for enhancing your dabbing experience. They promote even heat distribution, enabling smoother draws and preserving delicate terpenes responsible for unique flavors and aromas. Terp pearls can also extend your banger’s life by preventing residue buildup and minimizing charring risks. Overall, terp pearls are an excellent accessory for elevating your dabbing experience and enjoying the full spectrum of flavors and effects cannabis concentrates provide.

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